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MELODYNE 2.1 Keygen oninbu




melodyne 2.1 keygen As songwriters and musicians, we simply MUST have our own platform to showcase our art. Therefore, with the development of music software, a great platform to share your music with the world is available! Pro version Features By downloading Melodyne you will get access to these great features: Xpose* and Pause all the way up to the entire tracks. Automatic tempo detection and adjustment to the bpm. Tremolo effect and a built-in drum machine. A powerful and fully functional drum editor. A powerful Groove library with 170 loops for instant inspiration. The world’s only instrument editor with 5 simultaneous MIDI/audio tracks. Synthesizer with over 100 instruments and sounds. Stereo time stretching to make your own music, song arrangements, and remixes. Beautiful Visualizer with global instruments, and pattern mixing for endless possibilities. Wrap, Click, Sync and more with Professional Tempo for accurate drum editing. The Compound effect can be used on any instrument (synth, guitar, drum, etc.) to smooth the transition between notes. Perfect automation with intuitive automation with dynamic parameter ranges. Monophonic or Polyphonic MIDI Chord Libraries Arpeggiator Synchronized Synth Arpeggiator Intuitive Automation MIDI Control using Footswitch Automation Strip Editor Customizable MIDI System Music Theory View Global Instruments Internal and External Effectors Programmable Controller Neutral Pitch Ramp and Triggers Quantize and Reverse Quantize Resample Two audio tracks 3 MIDI tracks X-PAD Controller Easy to use GUIs Real-Time Analysis with the Melodyne MIDI Editor The Melodyne Vocal Recorder Write and record your vocals in real-time using the Melodyne Vocal Editor. Instant Pitch Analysis using the Melodyne MIDI Editor. Separate Vocal and Instrument Tracks. “On the road” time stretching while recording. Fast and accurate Melodyne Vocals: Beat Alignment and Pitch Editing Featuring dual core CPU and GPU accelerated processing, Melodyne Vocal Editor enables: The Melodyne iPhone App



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MELODYNE 2.1 Keygen oninbu

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